About Lumiere Hair & Beauty

Welcome to the European Style Beauty Salon, where European stylists and Massures are driven by providing the best in Hair, Beauty and Relaxation methods We are a team of five filled with passion, knowledge and experience in our specific fields.

We specialise in bringing the vibrancy and health back to your skin mind and body.

James is our Massage Specialist, with extensive qualifications in his field, James has a proven track record of results in all his specific massage techniques, focusing on areas where his passion lies, being Sports / Remedial / Reflexology / Trigger Point Therapy and much more.

Camille is Lumieres Beauty Therapist, voted Best Day Spa Manager in France. Camille has extensive qualifications in the Beauty area focusing on Relaxation/Pregnancy Massage, Face and Body Rejuvination waxing and much more.

Priscilla is the Creative Director in all areas of hair, representing Major 5 star hotels and being voted one of the top 3 Blow Dry Stylist in Australia.

Priscilla focuses on each individuality re creating unique looks suited to them by using techniques from Italy.

Priscilla is Lumieres Detailed Blonde Specialist delivering perfect blonde results instantly without any damage to ones hair.

We at Lumiere aim to provide the best possible service, experience and quality products to ensure you see a little piece of Europe down under.

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